Professor Ding visited Harvard University and MIT, and gave academic lectures twice in Harvard at the end of 2015


       At the beginning of December in Boston, Professor Ding visited Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) several times, including, in time sequence

       (1) Institute for Medical Engineering and Science and, MIT

       (2) Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT

       (3) Children¨s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School

       (4) Koch Institute for Cancer Research, MIT

       (5) Department of Chemistry, MIT

       (6) School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

       (7) Department of Chemistry, Harvard University.

       He gave academic lectures in Harvard Medical School and main campus of Harvard University in Boston and Cambridge, respectively. Besides lectures by himself, he made warm discussion with faculty members, postdoctors and students in these two top universities.


2015-12-7, this is not in China but in USA. The slide was shown when Professor Ding almost ended his lecture.


Advertisement of lecture of Professor Ding announced by Harvard University


2015-12-7, with Professor David Mooney at the lecture room of the main campus of

 Harvard University in Cambridge captured after the lecture of Professor JD Ding.


In the morning of 2015-12-3, with Professor Daniel Kohane at Children¨s Hospital,

Harvard Medical University in the downtown of Boston, after Professor Ding gave a lecture

titled ^Polymeric Medical Materials ̄.


In the afternoon of Dec. 7 (Monday), 2015, in the office of Professor George Whitesides in Chemistry Building, Harvard University


In the afternoon of Dec. 4 (Friday), 2015, in the office of Professor Robert Langer in Building of Koch Institute, MIT


With Professor Jeremiah Johnson, Dr. Yufeng Wang and Dr. Mao Chen in the lobby of Chemistry Building, MIT, in the morning of Dec. 6, 2015