Four students and postdoctors from Ding’s group won Excellent Posters in Biomaterials Congress


The group of Professor Jiandong Ding attended 3rd Chinese Biomaterials Congress during 27-30, October 2017 in Nanchang. Over 2000 researchers attended the congress, which includes 24 sessions. The congress eventually awarded 27 excellent posters evaluated by a committee. Four of them are from Ding’s group as follows:



Title of poster

Corresponding session

Jingyu TANG (postdoctor)

Effect of monomers on biocompatibility of polymeric thermogels and corresponding HPLC detection of the residual monomers

Biocompatibility evaluation of biomaterials

Yongli QI (Ph.D student)

Exploration of iron-based coronary stents

Cardiovascular biomaterials and interventional /implanting medical devices

Xiangyu LIANG (Ph.D student)

Design and preparation of quasi-spherical salt particles as water-soluble porogens to fabricate hydrophobic porous scaffolds for tissue engineering and tissue regeneration

Tissue engineering and stem cells

Shuquan CUI (Ph.D student)

Monte Carlo simulation of thermogelling mechanism of block copolymers in water

Biomedical multi-functional hydrogels




(Jiandong Ding’s group attended Chinese Biomaterials Congress in 2017)