Two corresponding-author papers of Professor DING rank well according to ESI record


According to ESI (Essential Science Indicators), ISI-Web of Knowledge on July 2, 2010, a paper of Professor DING published in Chemical Society Reviews in August. 2008 is listed in the group of global Hot Papers (last 2 years)” in the field of “Chemistry”.


This review and an article published in Biomaterials in December, 2004 are also ranked into the lists of global “Highly Cited Papers (last 10 years)” in the fields of “Chemistry” and “Materials Science”, respectively.

The two papers are:

l        In vitro degradation of three dimensional porous poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) scaffolds for tissue engineering

Linbo Wu, Jiandong Ding*, Biomaterials, 25(27), 5821-5830 (2004) (This is the first paper Professor Ding published in the field of biomedical materials.)


l        Injectable hydrogels as unique biomedical materials

       Lin Yu, Jiandong Ding*, Chem. Soc. Rev., 37, 1473-1481 (2008) (This is the first review Professor Ding wrote for an international journal.)